Sunlight Can Protect Breast Cancer

His study, Esther has studied women with breast cancer and women without breast cancer and said that those women who received less than the sun was about 70 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.The women who received the least amount of sun that had a 70 percent increase in risk of breast cancer.

I do not know about you, but with breast cancer on the rise among women, this research offers some very interesting results, in my opinion.

Spurred by direct sunlight on the skin, the body produces vitamin D, a nutrient essential to immune system function. A number of studies have shown that vitamin D inhibits cell growth of breast and other cancer cells and tumors in the body.

In addition, vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption in the body that is important for all women in the fight against osteoporosis.

What is Alexa Rank

I want to send this message was a few days ago when I sent a historic day, expressing gratitude to my blog two months after eight days they reached the Alexa rank of under 100 thousand. But because of my hard work, and the number of incoming requests, so I just left today though. Alexa rank is a measure of the popularity of a website to compare one site with all the existing sites on the Internet world. The more Alexa ranking of a website, Alexa rank, the better. For calculations, all bloggers are still confused about how the calculation is because the site not notice how they calculate the ranking of a website.

Some say that the calculation is Alexa by combining the average visitor to a site each day and the number of pages viewed by visitors. But it is also said Alexa calculation based on the total number of visitors to a site in an average of 3 months. I do not know who is right because it is still a debate among bloggers, maybe between my friend knows how to counter Alexa please comment via the comment box.

How important is Alexa a website or blog

If one of my friends who ask me how important a website or blog Alexa investment, so my answer is simple, it can be important or not important.For a website or blog is created to look for money, of course, is the Alexa ranking is very important because some advertisers need Alexa ranking under which number may be advertisingand for a site or a blog that is only for the exchange of personal information or, Alexa rank can not be important.

But anyway, Alexa rank achieved in certain numbers, such as the 100 000 is an honor. Since my blog is just a personal nature (until recently, did not know before, when I was able to resist the temptation to monitize my blog), but the Alexa ranking was very good in my opinion, pride. But not for the tools to brag that I am great. Because of my ability is still far from the apartment of friend bloggers who read this post. And certainly no one can boast besides Allah.So this post and hope to continue with the series-2 the next day to see how quickly reduce the Alexa ranking of your blog or website.

How to Increase Alexa Rank

Put Alexa widget on your blog. When Alexa widget on your blog, so you can track every registered visitor Alexa. So Alex can get your web site visitor data in more detail.Download and install the Alexa toolbar on your computer. In addition to the widget, visitors can receive information about the Alexa toolbar to install the browser. Therefore, it is to download and install the Alexa toolbar for your browser. Then visit your blog once a day, the browser is already installed on your Alexa toolbar.Write an article on Alexa. You would be happy if all the other sites or blogs to review your blog. Similarly Alexa. This is one reason I wrote this article Besides, there is an article on Alexa, it is expected of visitors who come are the customers who have Alexa toolbar in their browser.Content is king.This is the old motto, much remains valid until today. More and more content, the better your chances of being found by search engines so that visitors increasingly come to your blog.

How Smoking Causes Cancer

 Smoking is responsible for many diseases, including cancer, long-term (chronic), respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases and premature death. More than 440 000 people in the U.S. and 100,000 in Great Britain die each year because of smoking. According to the U.S. CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), lost $ 92 billion annually in lost productivity due to smoking-related deaths.

And 'more than 2.4 million deaths each year in the U.S. for more than 440 000 are caused by smoking. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the world. Recent studies have shown that smokers can undermine the health of nonsmokers in some environments.Smoking causes cancer90% of patients with lung cancer developed the disease because of smoking. Lung cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer deaths in the world. In addition, smokers have a significantly higher risk of developing:

Bladder Cancer

Kidney Cancer

Throat Cancer

Mouth cancer

Esophageal cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Stomach cancer

Some of the leukemia

Cancer of the nose and sinuses

Cervical Cancer

Bowel Cancer

Ovarian cancer
In some cases, breast cancer, According to Cancer Research UK, one person every 15 minutes DIS UK from lung cancer.

Smoking also increases the risk of cancer recurrence.

Why smoking increases the risk of cancer?

Scientists say there are more than 4,000 compounds in cigarette smoke. A significant number of them are toxic - they are bad for us and to damage our cells. Some of them cause cancer - that are carcinogens. Cigarette smoke consists mainly of Nicotine this is not carcinogenic. However, it is very addictive. Smokers are very difficult to stop, because they are hooked on nicotine. Nicotine is a very fast-acting drugs. It affects the brain within 15 seconds of inhalation. If cigarettes and other tobacco products is nicotine, how many people are regular smokers would fall dramatically. Without nicotine, the tobacco industry would collapse.

Nicotine is an insecticide used as a very controlled. Exposure to sufficient quantities can cause vomiting, convulsions, central nervous system, and growth retardation. It can also affect the developing fetus. Carbon monoxide which is a toxic gas. It does not smell or taste. The body has trouble distinguishing carbon monoxide oxygen and absorb into the blood. Faulty boilers emit dangerous carbon monoxide, which makes the car exhaust.

How To Earn In Flea Market

In recent years several flea markets have become very popular throughout the country. Today, people swarm of flea markets in the United States. Flea functions being carried out almost every weekend.  Most of these cases are in the weekend, but more and more each day of the workweek. But now people have thought about making money at flea markets. Let me share this vision with you, so you can take advantage of making money on the weekend, or even better - the money a day.

Tips and Tricks

You must think of a flea market place for their products. The location is very important when you start your own business, and so does the business of the flea market.

Check and see how your site will be charged one month's rent. The person who owns the property would be to talk. It is important to get a contract with him, just in case a problem may occur.
Ask the owner of the space. It is important that you get space for your products. Failure to do so could damage your sales. Products may not be visible to your customers if you have all these products are stuck in a small space.

Check their income from capital to start buying their products is necessary. Depending on what you sell, your capital is variable.
Now you are ready to buy their products. It is important that you buy their products with caution. Clothing tools, you must consider the price to save every bit you can. By buying smart at reasonable prices, will be on your way to an flea market businesses successfully.

Dr Amir Liaqats Real Face

This is a unique post about the dual personality of doctor Amir Liaqat presenter of the famous religious show Alim online, is well known as for his politeness and good communication but all that we see in the program is not reality.

In-fact, the given video shows the facts behind the camera. A person who seems to be very religious in reality communicate like illiterate or ignorant people.

What Is CMS (open source)

CMS (content management system) is a tool permits for content to be ordered and controlled wellfuly in the Internet.we can  easily mange different websites by it.In other words CMS (content management system) is a  Progaram which helps you to mange the pages in your website.

You can not only creat edit or publish but also update your website’s content by CMS(content management system) Programe. CMS (content management system) helps to define the data as almost anything, documents, movies, pictures, contact numbers, scientific data, etcetera.

It is planned to clarify the publication of Web content to Web sites. There is no need of any kind of technical knowledge  like Html to upload  files etcetera. By using an intergrated WYSIWYG editor that is like well known office applications a content can be created.
Correct CMS is the very easy way to maintain your website .Most of the Open Source CMS is built up in PHP V4/ 5 and MySQL.

What is Google+

The new Google+ service is, “Real-life distribution, think again for the web.”
A little secret I know about Google+ is a collection of five tools that include the web and your mobile device to supply a more social experience around the content you find and the content you generate. Google+ is currently in a limited trial and you can logon for access. Here is an Android available today and the promise of an IOS application in the future.
Google+ is made up of the following blocks – Google+ Demo & Tour

•    Circles
•    Sparks
•    Hangouts
•    Instant Upload
•    Huddle

We can take a closer look at each part of Google+, how they can fit into the way you form your social circle and the facts you gather to create online.
Before you share all of your life to all of your contacts Google is hopeful that Circles will help you place your friends, colleagues and complete online unfamiliar person into groups which you choose to part with. The idea is to group your contacts into the real life world circles that previously exist. Afterward you group your contacts into circles you can share facts exactly with a Circle and with the Huddle Mobile application you can group chat with your Circle from your smartphone.
Latest: Google updated in to tell us that you can add friends to more than one Circle. The restriction we observed is only present in the demo of Circles and Google+


Sparks is another means of permitting Google to tie together the power of what you are fascinated in and what you want to share in order to deliver more relative content. When we add a Spark for say, “Android”, we shall acquire what Google senses is the best and best relevant content. Sparks is basically a web accessible version of the common Zite, iPad, application.
To create a place for buddies to drop by and say hello, Hangouts looks to be your answer. Rather than trying to track down people on Face Time, Skype and Fring, Hangouts lets you tell your friends or “Circles” where you are hanging out and calls them over to hang out with video chat. This could be a nice way for remote teams to jump into a virtual aquatic cooler, a group of friends to gather virtually around a sick pal or just a way to bring all of contacts into a unified video conference room.
Instant Upload
Remember when IOS 5 thrown and everyone were excited to see that it would automatically upload your photos to ICloud. That already showed you how to do this on Android, but if you start using Google+ on your Android device you won’t need an application like Sugar Sync for snap uploads. The Instant Upload tool will automatically upload your camera mobile shots to a private album. You can share it with a specific person, circle or do whatever you want with your snaps.
Note: You will need to option in to the Instant Upload tool if you want to upload your pictures. Google would not start uploading your snaps without approval.

Huddle gets me the most excited about Google+ and makes me trust that it stands a chance at succeeding where Wave and Buzz have failed. When you have created your Circles, you can instantly bring all those members into a group chat. After that IOS application arrives Huddle looks to be a great method to communicate with a small group of people without wanting that they all have an iPhone or BlackBerry.

What is Adsense

What is Google Adsense?

In order for writers to earn money for the Google "Adsense" adds on their Info barrel articles we need that you have a Google "Adsense" account. If you do not already have a Google "Adsense" account, you will need to sign up for one, as we want you to offer us with your Google Adsense Publisher ID.
First of all, you will need to sign up for a Google AdSense account. It may take some days to accept your approval depending on how back logged Google is. To sign up, point your browser to and complete the form.

If you do not have a website, you can just place the url of your Info barrel profile as your website URL when signing up. For example, if my user name on Info Barrel is 'test', my url would be ''. If you are going to use your Info barrel profile as your Google "AdSense" ID, make sure you have at least one approved article, otherwise Google may reject your account due to your profile being 'under construction'.
Make sure you have completed all the Google "AdSense" information out properly because they will be sending you your checks for your earnings. The wrong address means no checks!
That is appealing, once you have been approved, login to Google "AdSense" by going to . Once logged in, in the very top right corner you will see 'Publisher ID:'. All Publisher IDs start with the prefix 'pub-' followed by a grouping of numbers. This is the publisher ID that we need in your profile in order to credit you with your add imprints. Make sure you grasp this ID, place it in Google "AdSense" Publisher ID field in your profile and save it.
For more detailed help on signing up for Google AdSense, please point your browser to
Once you have been approved for your account, you will set up a Channel to track your opinions and clicks on Info Barrel. For help setting up a channel take a look at this page:
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

Highest Paying AdSense Keywords for the year 2011

This is the regular Orange copper update post that we publish post our ordered study on the high paying AdSense keywords and niche specific keywords that would earn you the most. So in case you are starting a blog primarily targeted at high adsense earning, my suggestion would be first select the niche, cultivate good content and thereby traffic and further add the adsense on to the blog.
Below is the list i have prepared from extensive keywords research using google adwords tool. Hopefully this will help you.

97.44 domains yahoo
79.81 domain name yahoo
68.91 dc hair laser removal washington
66.15 law lemon wisconsin
51.14 hair removal washington dc
41.97 domain registration yahoo
40.36 benchmark lending
38.05 domain yahoo
37.86 yahoo web hosting
37.29 hair laser removal virginia
36.59 peritoneal mesothelioma
36.55 ca lemon law
34.13 best buy gift card
7.44 domains yahoo
79.81 domain name yahoo
68.91 dc hair laser removal washington
66.15 law lemon wisconsin
51.14 hair removal washington dc
41.97 domain registration yahoo
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38.05 domain yahoo
37.86 yahoo web hosting
37.29 hair laser removal virginia
36.59 peritoneal mesothelioma
36.55 ca lemon law
34.13 best buy gift card
31.1 adverse credit remortgage
30.98 mesothelioma information

What is a blog

The "Blog" is a shortened form of "weblog," which is a term used to define web sites that sustain a constant account of information. A "blog" sort’s diary-type observation and links to articles on other Web sites, ordinarily offered as a list of entries in contrary linear order. The blogs range from the individual to the political, and can emphasis on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects.
Most of the blogs focus on a specific topic, such as web design, home performing, sports, or mobile technology. Some are more diverse, offering links to all types of other sites, and others are more like personal journals, presenting the author's daily life and views. 

Usually communication, blogs tend to have a few things in mutual.
  • The main content area with articles planned chronologically, latest on top. Often, the articles are ordered into categories.
  • An archive of mature articles.
  • The way for people to consent remarks about the articles.
  • A list of links to other connected sites, sometimes called a “blog roll".
  • One or more feeds like “RSS”, “Atom” or “RDF” files.
A few blogs may have extra features beyond these.

The Blog Content

The blog content is the purpose for any web site. The feature of retail sites is a collection of products. University sites cover information about their campuses, curriculum, and faculty. News sites show the latest news sections. You must have a crew of observations or opinions regarding your personal blog. There are a few reasons to visit a website more than once without any update content. A blog offers the content consists of articles that the author writes. Some blogs have several authors, each writing his/her own articles. Usually, blog authors write their articles in a web-based edge, assembled into the blogging system itself. A few blogging systems also support the ability to use "stand-alone" "weblog client" "software", which permits authors to write articles offline and upload them at a later time.

The Comments about blog

If the readers of a website could not leave opinions, tips or impressions about the site or a specific article it would not be nice. They can do it with blogs. Posting comments is one of the most sensational features of blogs.Many blogs have a technique to allow visitors to leave comments. There are also attractive ways for authors of other blogs to leave comments without even visiting the blog is called "pingbacks" or "trackbacks", they can inform other bloggers whenever they quote an article from another site in their own articles. It is ensure that "online" conversations can be retained easily among several site users and websites.

The Difference Between a Blog and CMS

CMS "Content Management System" is software that provides a method of managing your website. Most of the blogging software programs are measured a specific type of CMS. They deliver the features required to create and retain a blog, and can mark publishing on the internet as simple as writing an article, giving it a title, and establishing it under one or more categories. However some CMS "Content Management System" programs offer vast and cultured features, a basic blogging tool offers an interface where you can work in an easy way and to some degree, natural manner while it handles the logistics elaborate in making your composition personable and publicly available. In other words, you get to focus on what you want to write, and the blogging tool takes care of the rest of the site management.
The most advanced blogging tool is "Word Press" that provides a rich set of features. Through its Administration Panels, you can set options for the conduct and appearance of your weblog through these Administration Panels, you can easily compose a "blog post", push a button, and be published on the internet, rapidly, "Word Press" goes to great cares to see that your blog posts look decent, the text looks attractive, and the "html code" it generates follows to web standards.When you start out with Word Press, which contains information on how to get "WordPress" set up rapidly and effectively, as well as information on performing basic tasks within "WordPress", like creating new posts or elimination existing ones.

What Bloggers Need to Know

There are some concepts and terms to know about the understanding of your specific blogging software such as "wordpress".

The Archives

The good quality of a blog is to keep track of articles on a site. A lot of blogs article an archive based on dates like a monthly or yearly archive. The first page of a blog may feature a calendar of dates linked to daily archives. Archives can also be based on categories featuring all the articles related to a definite category. you can also archive your posts by author or alphabetically. The opportunities are endless. This talent to organize and present articles in a serene fashion is much of what makes blogging a common individual publishing tool.

The Blogrolls

The "blogroll" is a list of links to webpages in which the author of the blog finds interesting and valuable. The links in a "blogroll" are usually to other blogs with similar interests. The "blogroll" is often in a "sidebar" on the page or highlighted as a dedicated single web page. BlogRolling and blogs are two websites that provide some interesting utilities and help related to "blogrolls". These sites provide ways for users to maintain these rolls easily and integrate them into weblogs. "WordPress" has a built-in Link Manager so users do not have to depend on a third party for generating and handling their "blogroll".

The Feeds

A Feed is a function of special software that allows "Feedreaders" to contact a site automatically looking for new "content" and then post updates about that new "content" to another site. This provides a track for users to continue with the latest and newest information posted on different "blogging sites". Some Feeds include RSS (alternately defined as "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication"), Atom or RDF files.


The XML "content" publication that is updated regularly is called syndication. Most of the "weblogs" publish a feed usually "RSS", but also possibly Atom and "RDF" and so on. There are tools out there that call themselves "feedreaders". What they do is they keep checking specified blogs to see if they have been updated, and when the blogs are updated, they display the new post, and a link to it, with an excerpt of the post. Every feed contains items that are published over time. When testing a "feed", the "feedreader" is really looking for new stuffs.. Just so you don't have to visit all the blogs you are interested in. Most blogs have these "Syndication" feeds available for the readers to use.

Managing the Comments

The most exciting features of blogging tools are the comments. This highly collaborating feature allows users to comment on article posts, link to your posts, comments on and recommend them. These are known as "trackbacks" and "pingbacks" .

How Does Twitter Make Money

Twitter Make Money has two articles on this topic. The first article focused on consumer facing changes to Twitter and the second is focused on monetization.Twitter has practiced marvelous traffic progress, and more notably has invaded into the collective awareness with constant Twitter quotes by news societies and entertainers. Twitter’s evaluation has gone up as people expect it to monetize its power with both consumers and trademarks. Here are a few of the features that would really transform the Twitter income curve.

Convey on the banners

Twitter has resisted to scale advertising revenue, as like most social sites it tries to impose peculiar add units on both its operators and supporters. From the operators’ view, things like promoted tweets or Facebook’s public adds are unpleasant to their content experience. From the supporters’ view, they cannot use their ordinary add units and track results the common way.It is simply addressed by supporting ordinary add units such as true rail skyscraper banners. In the past social years my space proved that banner advertising works on social networks, particularly social networks where a lot of people are following celebrities and media.

A lot of the former My space user base is using Twitter to follow celebrities and sports figures, and these are the kinds of users that return to banners. It will be long times before Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg can convince Mark Zuckerberg to go after banner add buys less than a year-and-a-half after he pulled Microsoft Corporation’s static units from Facebook.

Extraordinary care should be taken to ensure that when banners are presented, they are located similarly to other top sites. E.g., the notorious “dick bar” mobile banner that caused user chaos was located at the top of the Twitter application. Maximum mobile banners such as Ad Mob units are placed at the bottom of an application. Adding banners will always bring on objections, but adding banners that look like everyone else’s banners will attain resenting acceptance and will make the complainers look like monsters.
In a social flare add, the units can include tweets related to the trademark or whatever is being sponsored. Put the social into the ad unit, not the ad unit into the social. Finding the self-service dynamic add creator Flite, which lets advertisers make and transport add units related to American online Project Devil units, would make dynamic ad units that integrate tweets available to the as Flash units and mobile as html5 units.Twitter should let Facebook experiment with social add units, and focus on wringing up a bunch of brand banner add spend.

Monetize (Rather Than Cannibalize)

From the past few months Twitter has been going after third party Twitter application by blocking some application’s access to its API and arbitrarily changing authentication systems. Attempting to regain control of the on-ramp with which power users use Twitter is marvelous, and the Tweet Deck acquisition was a very smart move in this track.

Though, a rich developer ecosystem is a unusual treasure and should be cultivated ,rather than go after rollups like Uber Media and smaller Twitter customers, it would be better to exchange volume API access in exchange for placement of the banner adds with a income share.
Pissing off developers are never smart, consider how quickly iOS developers jumped onto Android after all of apple’s various shenanigans. This is important considering that Facebook is nurturing a rich ecosystem of third-party applications, add, and analytics vendors. It should be estimated that Twitter will add evident features like email notifications, and Twitter should notify developers of changes like this ahead of time to avoid troubled feelings.

Developers love Twitter, and Twitter should be helping them do entertaining stuff and earn money too. There are a bunch of small, self-serve add networks that could be acquired to complete this, as well as open source implementations such as OpenX. Check-ins are tiresome, but location deals are useful Twitter is one of the most used mobile application, and it could open a great income stream by allowing merchants to deliver real-time deals. Check ins are increasingly lame, but people want to know if there are deals aroun,a lot of mobile units have low conversion rates, but a built-in interstitial with a map view would lead to a lot of conversions. This option include doing a deal with Groupon Now like Loopt’s recent implementation and Foursquare’s rumored integration, or acquiring a small mobile deals company like BeThere Deals. Replace the number dickbar with the number dealbar.

The Sentiment analytics and The service tools for brands

The Web trends, which sells social, mobile and web analytics solutions to enterprises, and am continually amazed at the voracious desire dealers have for analytics, and for the new breed of analytics around social connections. No CMO on the planet is going to question a marketing budget item labeled Twitter Analytics. A lot of sentiment analysis tools such as Co Tweet, Scout Labs and Radian 6 have already been acquired. Though a new type of more powerful tools such as Crimson Hexagon are ripe for Twitter to acquire to enable social media teams to see, route and respond to Twitter conversations about their trademark, like Facebook Pages include support for broadcasting to Twitter, it is serious to also include support for Facebook and blog conversations so that trademarks can have a single, Twitter driven view of what is going on with their trademark.

Twitter should continue to sell access to its firehose of data, but delay access for a few hours to external units other than a few superior partners in order to increase the value of its own submissions.Sell lucrative sharing, trending, and tipping data. The Clear Spring and Radium One are mining what content is being shared by consumers and selling the data at a vast superior to advertisers who want to know what themes are trending and how to better target users. Twitter has one of the best opinion of this type of data and should sign profitable deals with publishers and add networks to help them better enhance their businesses.

Importantly, Twitter’s data provides a very matchless viewpoint as to how content goes viral and what types of posts, influencer re tweets, and incremental publicity could tip a movement towards a viral spread. Social scoring firms like Klout have very limited algorithms, but this type of infrastructure could be an outgrowth of achievements such as Topsy and BackType in addition to the more immediate profits described above. Mining the Twitter data will only become increasingly valuable as marketing campaigns become increasingly automatic.

Enterprise features to Twitter will be much easier than consumer facing features. Enterprise features have far fewer users, can have designed release programs such as limited early access releases, and mostly have a appealing forgiving audience in terms of time to add features and the special downtime. There is enormous opportunity in for Twitter to sell to businesses; Twitter’s roomy consumer traction, trademark mind share, and paragon trove of data offer important monetization chances in the advertising and analytic segments. Securing companies like those defined above would accelerate Twitter into every trademark’s media spend.

Mudassar Shafi Khan

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials

Standalone antivirus product Microsoft Security Essentials has caused a stir, as might be expected when the words "Microsoft" and "free" are involved. In a post on the day of its promotion, I referenced Antivirus -Test performance results from a Microsoft Security Essentials beta. We now have new results from tests directed against the final product, and overall Microsoft Security Essentials looks safe:
Malware detection: Microsoft Security Essentials detected 98.44 percent of Antivirus Tests's collected zoo of 545,034 viruses, worms, backdoors, bots and Trojans, an entirely proper showing. However, it did not do almost as well when it came to detecting adware and spyware, such as bank facts stealers, and detected only 90.95 percent of the 14,222 samples.
Microsoft Security Essentials detected 100 percent of the samples in the Wild list. Most reliable Antivirus application detects all the Wild list samples.
Self-motivated/social detection: If a program includes social detection, it can identify malware based solely on how it turns on a PC. It's a suitable feature to detect brand-new malware that does not have a signature.
Antivirus Test found that Microsoft Security Essentials does not contain any real social detection. However, Antivirus Test's Mr. Marx noted that's usually the case for standalone antivirus programs, and that you will mostly need to buy a security suite to get the feature.

Or, you can pair your free or paid standalone Antivirus program with PC Tools' free Threat fire, which adds a remarkable layer of social detection to your security arsenal.
Disinfection: Microsoft Security Essentials was able to clean up all of the active modules from 25 different test infections, meaning the malware was efficiently sterilized. The program often left behind some traces of the infection, such as registry entries or a turned-off Windows firewall.

Rootkit removal: Microsoft Security Essential did well here. It identified and removed all 25 rootkits (stealth technology used to hide other malware) used in the tests.
Scan speed: When I compared the Microsoft Security Essentials beta to other free (and finished) Antivirus application over the summer, it came in last for scanning speed. In these latest tests, Marx says that Microsoft Security Essentials scan speed "is quite OK when compared with other Antivirus products" not the fastest, but not the slowest.
False alarms: Microsoft Security Essentials did not  active any false positives for any of 600,000 known clean files used by Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and other common applications. However, as Marx notes, most of those files come from Microsoft, so a false positive would have been amazing.
Conclusively, these results show that Microsoft Security Essentials holds its own as a free standalone antivirus application. It does not provide a firewall, behavioral detection, or other security extras as compare to the most other options in that category, but since Vista and Windows 7 already include a two-way firewall, and you can add top-notch behavioral protection with another free application, Microsoft Security Essentials looks like a upright budget choice for baseline antivirus protection.
This link takes you to the Microsoft Security Essentials download link where you can get the software to your system.

Torrent software to download

Torrents are one of the free ways to get anything from the Internet. You can easily download your favorites through torrents. My blog will help you to search particular files by below mentioned torrent search engines site:-












Torrent software to download torrents:-

o ĀµTorrent's

o BitTorrent

The Art of Blogging

Blogging is a very big concept.  You can open your personal diary to the world through this. One can share their thoughts, personal feelings, as well as share knowledge, seek help for their business, and show their talent and a lot more can be done through blogging.  You can create your own articles and publish it on the blog.  People will read your blog and leave their comments on them. The blog is otherwise known as the marketing means for your business.
Tips and Tricks To Start Blogging

To start blogging effectively, you need to focus on some factors given below:

Constant URL: When you choose one URL to create a blog, you must stick to the same to generate another blog to increase the flow. If not, when you are unpredictable, it is difficult to maintain the niche and the chances for a successful blogging will become fewer. Here are few tips for choosing good domain.
Selection of subject: While selecting a subject to create blogs, you need to be very cautious.  Your blog is the image of your knowledge and craving on the subject.  Select search engine pleasant subjects that will never end.
When you select a well-intentioned subject, you can share and discuss a lot about the topic.  The readers will be pleased because they always have fresh stuff to read.  Some other types of the blog subjects, which have a very moral readership, are poems, feelings, thoughts, interests and short stories.
Keep reliability in quality: Reliability in quality is the important aspect for a decent blog.  Primarily, it is possible to post good-quality blogs for readers, but when it comes to consistent posting, you feel trouble in providing high-quality articles and that will decrease the readership to your blog.  So, best quality should be your motto to uphold the readership. To generate an article is not a simple job. It is important to dedicate your valuable time and tough effort to create something special to others.

A blog is covered of many things:-

Blogging software: Especially built software’s  are there to run blogs successfully. These softwares include database and programming.
Theme: Theme is the basic thing to appeal people to your blog. The theme and the content must be related.

Headline: A headline clues the people to read an article. A catchy title or headline will increase the traffic to your blog.

Body: The body of the article provides the details. Existent it in an impressive and eye-catching manner using formats videos and pictures.

Comments: This will help you to increase the quality of your article afterward. Not only that, you can build a relationship with readers through comments.
Social book marking icons: This will help to produce traffic to your blog.

Permalink: This link is the URL of your blog, which supports in retaining your identity.

RSS feed: This feed will track your latest posts.  When you create any updates, users can clasp it through RSS feed.

Categories: Category will help to classify your article.  According to the taste and concern, people will find the articles from groups.

Track back: You will get a pathway when anybody remarks your articles in their article or blog.

Pinging services: This service will notify the people about your new post.

The First Post Readsuperbs

Nice to come to Readsuperbs. This blog is launched with a dream into the valley of knowledge and gain awareness about Blogging, Skills and earning money online.  It is all my self-experience that I will deliver through my posts. In my first step, I want to introduce myself.
Good Day!  I am Mudassar Shafi Khan, Network Engineer by education and Blogger by passion. I have started this blog to share knowledge and this is an open way to interact with like-minded people on any topic related to:

1. Art of Blogging Tips and Tricks

2. Online Earning

3. Gadgets

4. WordPress

5. Jummla

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

7. Technology

I am 24/7 available for feedback. You can suggest me about this blog anytime by contacting me. Entertain yourself with ReadSuperbs!