What is Alexa Rank

I want to send this message was a few days ago when I sent a historic day, expressing gratitude to my blog two months after eight days they reached the Alexa rank of under 100 thousand. But because of my hard work, and the number of incoming requests, so I just left today though. Alexa rank is a measure of the popularity of a website to compare one site with all the existing sites on the Internet world. The more Alexa ranking of a website, Alexa rank, the better. For calculations, all bloggers are still confused about how the calculation is because the site www.alexa.com not notice how they calculate the ranking of a website.

Some say that the calculation is Alexa by combining the average visitor to a site each day and the number of pages viewed by visitors. But it is also said Alexa calculation based on the total number of visitors to a site in an average of 3 months. I do not know who is right because it is still a debate among bloggers, maybe between my friend knows how to counter Alexa please comment via the comment box.

How important is Alexa a website or blog

If one of my friends who ask me how important a website or blog Alexa investment, so my answer is simple, it can be important or not important.For a website or blog is created to look for money, of course, is the Alexa ranking is very important because some advertisers need Alexa ranking under which number may be advertisingand for a site or a blog that is only for the exchange of personal information or, Alexa rank can not be important.

But anyway, Alexa rank achieved in certain numbers, such as the 100 000 is an honor. Since my blog is just a personal nature (until recently, did not know before, when I was able to resist the temptation to monitize my blog), but the Alexa ranking was very good in my opinion, pride. But not for the tools to brag that I am great. Because of my ability is still far from the apartment of friend bloggers who read this post. And certainly no one can boast besides Allah.So this post and hope to continue with the series-2 the next day to see how quickly reduce the Alexa ranking of your blog or website.

How to Increase Alexa Rank

Put Alexa widget on your blog. When Alexa widget on your blog, so you can track every registered visitor Alexa. So Alex can get your web site visitor data in more detail.Download and install the Alexa toolbar on your computer. In addition to the widget, visitors can receive information about the Alexa toolbar to install the browser. Therefore, it is to download and install the Alexa toolbar for your browser. Then visit your blog once a day, the browser is already installed on your Alexa toolbar.Write an article on Alexa. You would be happy if all the other sites or blogs to review your blog. Similarly Alexa. This is one reason I wrote this article Besides, there is an article on Alexa, it is expected of visitors who come are the customers who have Alexa toolbar in their browser.Content is king.This is the old motto, much remains valid until today. More and more content, the better your chances of being found by search engines so that visitors increasingly come to your blog.


somyatran1 said...

Thanks for Useful information about Alexa.
How can you enhance your Alexa rank? Alexa is a contributory of Amazon.com. It is a ranking method based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed.

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@ Somyatran1 You are welcome:)

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