The First Post Readsuperbs

Nice to come to Readsuperbs. This blog is launched with a dream into the valley of knowledge and gain awareness about Blogging, Skills and earning money online.  It is all my self-experience that I will deliver through my posts. In my first step, I want to introduce myself.
Good Day!  I am Mudassar Shafi Khan, Network Engineer by education and Blogger by passion. I have started this blog to share knowledge and this is an open way to interact with like-minded people on any topic related to:

1. Art of Blogging Tips and Tricks

2. Online Earning

3. Gadgets

4. WordPress

5. Jummla

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

7. Technology

I am 24/7 available for feedback. You can suggest me about this blog anytime by contacting me. Entertain yourself with ReadSuperbs!


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