What Is CMS (open source)

CMS (content management system) is a tool permits for content to be ordered and controlled wellfuly in the Internet.we can  easily mange different websites by it.In other words CMS (content management system) is a  Progaram which helps you to mange the pages in your website.

You can not only creat edit or publish but also update your website’s content by CMS(content management system) Programe. CMS (content management system) helps to define the data as almost anything, documents, movies, pictures, contact numbers, scientific data, etcetera.

It is planned to clarify the publication of Web content to Web sites. There is no need of any kind of technical knowledge  like Html to upload  files etcetera. By using an intergrated WYSIWYG editor that is like well known office applications a content can be created.
Correct CMS is the very easy way to maintain your website .Most of the Open Source CMS is built up in PHP V4/ 5 and MySQL.


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